Solve a Septic Tank Problem

Call us for septic tank repair and inspection services in the Bastrop & Monroe, LA areas

You never wanted to need septic tank repair services, but unfortunately, you do. ABC Septic, LLC can help you in Bastrop, Monroe, LA or any area within 50 miles. We'll take a look at your septic tank, identify the problem and repair it with ease.

You can count on us when:

Your septic tank leaks
Your septic tank's lid breaks
Your septic tank's pipe collapses

We'll address the problem quickly and for a fair price. For a free estimate on septic tank repair services, call 318-282-8624 now.

When was the last time your septic tank was looked at?

If you haven't had a septic tank inspection in the last few years, you might have a problem brewing - and you won't know until it comes to a head. You can get informed about the condition of your septic tank and leach line by hiring us to complete a septic tank inspection.

We recommend scheduling inspections every few years. For a recommendation based on your specific septic tank, consult us right away.